Baby Pace due in 2017?

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Baby Pace due in 2017?

Postby poprivet » Fri Aug 12, 2016 9:25 pm

Stories and pictures starting to be seen. Could something like this be the missing link between a smaller estate car and the existing F Pace?

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Re: Baby Pace due in 2017?

Postby ptjs1 » Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:10 pm

I guess that means they'd have to call it the "E-pace". You can hear the protest from Renault already!

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Re: Baby Pace due in 2017?

Postby jagmanvaughn » Fri Aug 26, 2016 1:39 pm

I hope they do a bigger F-Pace (J-Pace rumoured?) - want it to be more like an XJ quality SUV
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Re: Baby Pace due in 2017?

Postby poprivet » Sat Aug 27, 2016 11:22 am

I guess they already do, in the form of Range Rover. All part of JLR group.
The SUV market is the next in thing, I need the capacity of an estate but not the bulk or 4 wheel drive of say a Discovery. I hope the baby pace is offered, but it needs to set it's sights high amongst the competition. For anyone else heading the same way, have a look at the new Peugeot 3008 due out in January 2017. I would be looking forward to a pace that is similar but better equiped and built in GB.
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Re: Baby Pace due in 2017?

Postby J44EAG » Sat Aug 27, 2016 12:06 pm

Big Pace, Little Pace, Medium Pace. All Pace and not much Grace. This type of vehicle is typically the province of Land Rover.

Marketing whatever sized Pace as a Jaguar product must surely be a marketing blunder.

It seems quite illogical to me that the mistake made in the BL days would appear to be history repeating itself. BL was the umbrella operator under which Austin, Morris, Triumph, Rover, Wolsely, Riley, MG and indeed Jaguar and Land Rover operated. What occurred was each of those companies produced similar cars sold from the same forecourts and all were in competition with each other. The result was the demise of BL.

I fail to see the idea behind Jaguar producing a model that would be more suited to displaying a Land Rover badge. A Jaguar traditionally stood for "Grace, space and pace"...hence presumably the Pace word appearing in the model range. Jaguar also traditionally stood to gain from its racing heritage and its ability to design up market luxury sporting vehicles not Chelsea tractors or caravan luggers.

The F-Pace is generally regarded as a "cross-over" type vehicle and in my opinion sits unhappily within the Jaguar range and ethos. It is far more in the mold of a Land Rover and would be better placed in that range. I find the F-Pace inclusion in the Jaguar range confusing and inappropriate. What would the reaction be if a big XJ type saloon were to be marketed by Land Rover?

Oh, and another thing. That orange iteration shown above could be any Euroblob design. Jaguars used to stand out from the pack. This thing if fitted with an Audi badge could be just that. Dumbed down, uninspired mediocrity, acceptable to the masses who in any case don`t really care about or understand aesthetics. It is a bit like people not understanding or appreciating good architecture.

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Re: Baby Pace due in 2017?

Postby GordonJ » Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:06 pm

Hi Mike
Just tuned into this forum to see what people are saying about the F Pace. I agree it's already been covered by Range Rover and all part of the group. But could this not be a response to Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

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Re: Baby Pace due in 2017?

Postby oldtimer » Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:18 pm

I totally agree with Mike's comments above.

Watching TV earlier this evening, two different vehicle manufactures adverts come up, Frontal Photo's of both showed great black square blobs at the lower part of the front wings and another in the centre. How ugly I thought.

Today I received an invite from the local Jaguar dealer offering XE's at significantly reduced price's Once again a frontal view of the vehicle filled the glossy invitation. Would you believe it , all three look almost identical, all in my view characterless and ugly.

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Re: Baby Pace due in 2017?

Postby mike020150 » Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:26 am

Isn't it great that we all have different opinions and like different cars? The world would be such a boring place if we liked just one model, even if it were a Jaguar!
Like it or not, the market place has gone mad for SUVs, cross-overs, call them what you will. Jaguar is only responding to that demand from buyers. The car magazines seem to think there will be a smallish E-Pace announced later this year, an electric I-Pace in 2018 and a large J-Pace in 2019.
So far, at least, Jaguar has kept a reasonably clear differentiation between its models and those of Land Rover. 4WD Jaguars are essentially rear wheel drive with sporty handling plus added FWD when needed for traction. 4WD Land Rovers are either mud pluggers or luxury barges with mud plugging ability with handling more like FWD cars (predominant understeer). Typically, the styling follows suit, sporty for Jaguar, generally more practical for Land Rover. I know that doesn't necessarily apply to the Evoque but I'm guessing that model's success surprised even JLR! Luckily, this range is a far cry from the BMC identikit badge-engineered Farinas with nothing but an extra carburettor and an odd dash gauge or two as distinguishing features between models.
With sales of traditional saloon cars plummeting in all car categories, what else should or could Jaguar have done? Without the economies of scale for the mechanical bits afforded by following SUV fashion, there wouldn't be an F-Type and no new saloons either. Continuing to produce nothing but saloons for the mainstream market could only have one outcome when saloon numbers are in such steep decline. Jaguar has been there before!
Long live Jaguar's SUVs, that is as long as they support an affordable replacement for the XK, oh and a modern XJ coupe would be good too... Mike.
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Re: Baby Pace due in 2017?

Postby poprivet » Mon Apr 29, 2019 3:15 pm

I'm warming to the E Pace, I had a good look at a couple at the main dealer recently.

It's certainly a quality well finished vehicle and could be suitable for me if I decide to go to one car. There seem to be quite a few approved used ex-demonstrators on offer, well speced and reasonably base priced although certain additions raise the cost.

The price of road fund licence is a nuisance, can anyone understand the logic that has been applied over the years? quite a hit for the first 6 years of a cars life. I would also worry about the cost of replacing those 20" tyres and any fragile electronics as well.

I had the impression the dealer was pushing me more towards the F Pace, I think they have a lot they want to shift but it's just that bit too big for my use.
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Re: Baby Pace due in 2017?

Postby rosemary » Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:29 pm

Hello Folks
I completely echo Mike's comments ref BL. Jaguar's excursion, along with so called market forces in to the land of SUV's whatever you like to call them, pre determines the Demise of JLR ,all in house products competing under the same umbrella. The only thing keeping JLR afloat at the moment is PCP finance in other words Renta-Car.
Bits of the company are likely to be sold off as going concerns just like BL , Jaguar will be a niche company if they are lucky. Luxury,Grace, and Pace, read TESLA ,and no Utility SUV's
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