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Postby chas379 » Sun Apr 30, 2017 2:32 pm

I was about 5 miles from home when the system informed me my Rear driver's tyre was below par at 25psi. I was able to pull into a safe parking area to check and inflate so I could, at least, get home. Over a very small time lapse the pressure had got down to 10psi when attaching my portable 12v compressor.

Got back up to 34 psi after a while and managed to get home safely and again the pressure had dropped to 15psi.

Not to worry I thought jack car up remove wheel and replace with spacesaver. Afraid not. The wheelbrace supplied has a short stem and when fitting over the wheel nuts and applying pressure to undo, the wheelbrace slews slightly at an angle and would not budge. Even tried correct size socket from socket set but no joy.

I was unaware the dome locking nut was the wheel nut. My past experience with my other Jag was you prised the dome off to fit the locking nut socket. Steep learning curve.

2 of the caps on the non locking nuts actually came off exposing the hex nut which is a smaller size meaning the wheel brace would not fit!!!

So 14 months down the line I called Jaguar Assistance for the 1st time. and within 30 mins (Sat. afternoon on a B/H weekend) the AA arrived and successfully did the wheel change. Of course he had the right equipment and made the job look easy.

I am unsure why there was a problem with 2 of the wheel nut covers so will get dealership to replace.

I have seen a lot of argument against wheel repair kits and the problems with using the 'gunk' so a spacesaver seemed to be the better option. However this is all well and good but not if you can't get the damned wheel off with the equipment supplied by Jag.

But the service I received form Jaguar Assistance and the AA could not be faulted


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Re: Puncture

Postby mike020150 » Wed May 03, 2017 9:58 am

Fortunately, punctures are a are occurrence these days so it's easy to get out of practice changing wheels and knowing all the detail information necessary. Perhaps the lesson for us all from this story is to practice wheel changing at home BEFORE being stuck by the side of the road on a wet night? Mike.
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