Flaps not working?

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Flaps not working?

Postby BjornV » Sun Jul 12, 2015 2:08 pm

Hello. I would like to hear what you think about this.
Car i question is 1994 V12 coupé. RHD if that makes any difference.
The air-con part is not working due to leaking system, bu that is not what this is all about.
The problem is that the flaps that control if the air goes towads the windscreen or to the fascia seems to have stopped working. The air is constantly blowing for the major part towards the windscreen. If I push the button for demist on the control, nothing happens.

The heating part works. If I get the control into manual mode and switch beteween hot and cold I do get hot and cold air both to my feet and to the windscreen/fascia.
If I turn the fan-control to "Demist" I get lots of hot air on the windscreen (and parts of it in the face). Airsupply to the feets turns off.

I have tried to search for info on how theese things work and as I understand it, I probably have a stuck flap. Centre vent flap? As I understand it this flap is vacuum controlled. Since the heater-part work I do not think there is at general lack af vacuum, but a more local problem.

Is it possible to investigate further without taking the whole fascia out? Any ideas on how to narrow the search for the actual fault. Is it possible to test or "exercice" the flap in question in situ?
Björn V
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