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Do I need guidance how to drive ?

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:59 am
by X666SPG
First of all. Happy New Year to all Jaguar owners and maybe even to some of those German car owners.

I am now into my 9th month with my 2016 previously Jaguar owned 2.0 Litre diesel XE sport that I purchased with just 3900 miles on the clock. I use it daily for going to work but still absolutely look forward to driving it every day and always take a moment when I have started her up to just sit quietly, look around the inside and enjoy where I am before setting off. The colour is stunning. It is painted "quartzite" and depending on the height and bright of the sun, can look anything from silver to copper to sparkling gold. It has a black glass sunroof, tinted rear windows and 5 spoke diamond finish wheels. It is the only car I have ever owned where random people have approached me in car parks and commented on how lovely it looks. However, many years ago I did have a Yugo 55 which did solicit comments of derision and people spontaneously bursting out laughing as they walked by so I feel I have experienced both ends of the general publics car appreciation spectrum.

I have had a couple of issues that my dealer has sorted swiftly. The washer bottle sensor failed saying it was empty when full and on two occasions after being parked for several hours it suddenly started weeping copius amounts of water from underneath somewhere around the nearside headlamp. The dealer first told me that they thought the headlight washer may not have sat properly back in its seal. Second time they said they couldnt find anything and asked if I thought it was the air con' ? I don't have a clue but as I write it is all working beautifully.

Otherwise, just a couple of complaints or maybe one observation and one plea for guidance.

I have a Springer Spaniel and every opportunity she has to jump into a stinky pond or muddy ditch she, without any hesitation takes. My Spaniel loves to be covered in crap. Likewise my XE, no matter how much I try and avoid puddles and keep out of the verges, manages to cover herself in spray and mud. I fear that I will wash the paint off as I seem to be cleaning her daily. Sometimes twice.

The other and actually important issue is that I mainly drive in "eco" mode as I only travel 8 miles to and from work each day but often when I am trying to pull away she takes a moment to respond. It is not just pulling away from standstill either as when I slow right down for example to turn right into a road and then put my foot down to get going again, she expresses herself in a way that would do Edvard Munch proud. If I push the peddle down hard, she sits screaming for a second or so before much seems to happen and then wails along for a sufficiently embarrassing amount of time sort of stuck in low gear before at last chaging up at which point she takes off like a stone from a catapault. Not what I would call responsive or for me as a driver, intuitive. Even in Dynamic mode she does not exactly snap into motion seemingly needing a moment to decide what gear she should be in.

This is the first automatic car I have ever driven and when Jaguar gave me an automatic F Pace courtesy car, also diesel, it seemed much more responsive. I wondered if this is normal or is there something wrong with either my car or my ability to drive it.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Re: Do I need guidance how to drive ?

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:06 am
by mike020150
Welcome to the world of enjoyable XE motoring. They do drive nicely. When I first bought my XE (V6 petrol), I tried the different driving modes including Eco. As a purely personal decision, I decided I don't like Eco because it makes the car feel too sluggish for no significant improvement in mpg. I believe Eco starts the car in second gear, changes up early and is reluctant to downshift gears. Consequently, under the circumstances you describe, the car is probably in the 'wrong' gear for rapid acceleration. A wide open throttle (kickdown) then makes it pause to think about dropping gears and winding up the torque converter before setting off briskly. It should be much more responsive in Dynamic mode, as well as hanging onto gears for longer. In drive, it's a halfway house. The less power an XE has, the more marked are the differences in gearbox behaviour. The lowest power versions can appear to hunt between gears whereas the higher power versions retain individual gears longer and, as a consequence, they can feel more relaxing to drive. The E-pace you drove may have had a more powerful engine version than your car has and hence, it may have driven differently. Without actually experiencing your car, it's difficult to know whether you are describing a fault or a characteristic. If you have concerns, talk with your dealer and get a mechanic to take it for a run. Otherwise, try using Drive mode to see it better suits your driving style. Mike.

Re: Do I need guidance how to drive ?

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:01 pm
by PPV
I do not have an auto Jag but do have one of those 'foreign' ones. After some reasonable use I note a few things regarding the drive settings. Eco mode gives poorer economy than the normal comfort mode, sport and sport plus only slightly worse (1 or 2 MPG). Sport and sport+ give firmer ride but sharpen up considerably engine and gearbox.
I prefer sport by myself and drive in comfort setting if the family are loaded up. I think that the gearbox has to suit a variety of engines so can I am sure be a bit of a compromise with some. I note that with the higher power of my car then the eco mode makes changes a little variable whereas in sport mode ot is all very slick indeed including down changes.
It does not sound like a fault but a matter of chhosing which setting suits you. My car also lets you individually tailor the settings (sharper engine, softer suspension, faster gearchanges etc) so that is also a benefit. I really like the auto system as it does also remember how you drive and tailor certain settings. Not sure if the Jag system does but maybe worth asking then you know that if you persevere it will 'learn' you style of driving.

Re: Do I need guidance how to drive ?

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:11 am
by X666SPG
Thank you both for your reply.
I have the 2 litre 180 hp R sport. I am getting used to it but there is still the issue of pulling away. Once up and running it is fantastic but it is the initial push that seems to suffer a lag. I am going to my first Enthusiasts" meeting in a couple of weeks. Hopefully there will be someone there I can talk to. If not then I guess it is back to the dealer to check that it is doing what it is supposed to.

The F Pace was actually an E pace, (sorry A typo) with the same 2 litre engine.

Re: Do I need guidance how to drive ?

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:25 am
by mike020150
It's worth bearing in mind that the E-Pace has a 9 speed auto versus the 8 speed in the XE so the E-Pace is likely to have a lower first gear which aids rapid take-offs (or mud plugging, if that's your pleasure). It will be interesting to hear what the dealer says. Mike.

Re: Do I need guidance how to drive ?

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 11:13 am
by X666SPG
Hello again chaps. I am just two weeks away from my first full year of having my XE and still loving it. I was worried when I bought it that because I had dreamed of having a Jaguar for so long, the reality would be something of a let down or even worse that I would start to think of it as just a car but oh no. I am a smoker (not in the car or indoors though) and still find myself sitting in my car park, having a ciggy and a cup of tea, postioning myself so that I can look from different angles. Had a few lovely sunny days a couple of weeks back and she looked stunning in early morning light and I have to remind myself that she really is mine. I still love that first minute when I just sit inside and enjoy the moment.

Following your advice, I have practiced using the gear change paddles and have been using different modes, eco, normal, Dynamic & sport and am now appreciating the differences. I tend now to stick with eco driving to and from work or pottering around A and B roads but every now and then when the road suits and traffic is quiet I switch to Dynamic or Sport and the fun really does happen. No more sluggishness pulling away. I get pushed back in the seat when accelerating, I love how when you come out of a corner and put your foot down I feel like it will take off. A couple of weeks ago I had to drive from my home in Kent down to Lewes in E. Sussex. The roads were incredibly clear and I had my best outing in her since I bought her in March last year.

My joy and enthusiasm has not reduced in the slightest.


Re: Do I need guidance how to drive ?

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 5:37 pm
by mike020150
Glad to hear about a successful year's XE motoring. I know I'm biased but I still think the XE is a gem to live with. It may not be perfect in every last detail but its key strength is that it is so enjoyable to drive, especially cross country. I can live with likes of poor speed limit recognition technology in exchange for the sheer enjoyment of driving it! From Jaguar's perspective, it's a shame that more people don't test drive the XE before buying elsewhere. On a decent test drive, anyone with motoring soul couldn't help but fall for the baby Jaguar. :D Mike.