Seat leather recolouring

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Seat leather recolouring

Postby mike020150 » Sun Jan 05, 2014 11:52 am

A few years ago, I had some minor paintwork repairs done and when I collected my V12 coupe (after dark) the seats felt odd, almost sticky. The finger of suspicion pointed at poor masking and a solvent issue. Ever since, the seats have had a tendency to lose colour when cleaned so the original Jaguar olive faded patchily towards bottle green. I tried a couple of DIY dye kits without much success. Attendance at one of the Club leather seminars prompted me to do something serious about it. It also reminded me that I'm rubbish at spraying tasks so I had to go the whole hog and get Furniture Clinic (FC) to do the job properly. The leather seat faces and the vinyl side panels had faded to different shades of green and I wasn't especially keen on the original shade of olive. So recently, I asked FC to spray the leather to match the current vinyl colour before resealing the leather. The result is excellent. The seats now look much better in one colour and the surface finish is 'well preserved and in good condition' which is consistent with the rest of the car. It's not a concours machine and I didn't want an over-restored look. If you have spray painting skills and a touch of patience, you could achieve similar results at home using materials from FC and save a tidy sum too! Mike.
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Re: Seat leather recolouring

Postby jBlackwell » Mon Jan 06, 2014 1:26 pm

Could not agree more,
Furniture Clinic are strides ahead of any competition out there and the results are brilliant. Would back up everything written above.


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