Shoddy Paintwork

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Shoddy Paintwork

Postby 2Jag1959 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:38 pm

Advise please

Purchased a vehicle back in March, took it back to the main dealer three weeks later due too ripples in the paintwork around the doors.

Was assured it most likely left the factory like it, when my vehicle required its annual service i asked my local dealer to have it rectified under warranty. Jaguar response has been that parts of car have been resprayed at some point, now they should have know about this as it was one of there own VIP vehicles.

I have tried speaking to the main Jaguar dealer I purchased the vehicle from including sending them an email, to date i have had no response to my email or proposal to remedy the problem

Now do I go public and shame the dealer, or seek a legal route for compensation

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