X351 buying advice

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X351 buying advice

Postby [email protected] » Sun Apr 14, 2019 12:44 pm

Hi all,

New to all of this. I want to purchase a Jag XJ 2014 1 owner full main dealer history and 58000 on the clock. Seems a reputable dealer based in Hampshire, any advice? I’ll obviously check the usual stuff.


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Re: X351 buying advice

Postby J44EAG » Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:53 pm

These cars are based on the previous X350 and later run out X358. As you might know, they are very well thought of and liked by owners, past and present. Then the new shape of Jaguar arrived in the form of the XF and then the X351XJ.

The suspension design goes back to the 1999 S-type. It then appeared on the X351XJ. Nothing wrong with that and most wishbones and vertical legs are interchangeable across the model ranges. So plenty of suspension parts are easily available. Dependent upon age and use cycle, suspension bushes are likely to begin to wear from about 60k miles onwards. Ask to lever test the rear lower wishbone bushes to ensure excess wear has not begun. The amount of wear on any car is as said, dependent on use type and the quality of roads the car has been used upon. Wheel bearings are usually good for about 90K miles. They share the same heritage as the suspension.

Whilst under the car on a ramp, do check sub-frames for paint break down and corrosion. Walk away from any car that is untidy in this respect. Bodies are usually corrosion free due to being made from aluminum.

The only real issue with the X351 may concern a creaking glass roof panel. Check on a bumpy road that the roof doesn`t creak and groan like Aunties knees on a frosty morning.

Other than that, the 351 is pretty bullet-proof. Like all performance cars, they need quality maintenance on a regular basis. Ensure the service book shows that maintenance which will be useful to show any future prospective buyer.

One final thing. Ask when the next gearbox oil and filter change is due. Make sure you get that done at the appropriate time.

Finally, check to see that the car is HPI clear. Use Experion or UK Vehicle to ascertain previous ownership history, check finance is clear and that the car has not been a write off or is wanted by the authorities. That done, you should be good to make a purchase decision.

Enjoy your car. Nice motor Guvnor!

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