2003 Super V8

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2003 Super V8

Postby SwedishViking » Fri Apr 12, 2019 5:14 pm

Hello Everyone,

I have recently joined this forum after owning Jaguar's since 1986. As I am now retired, my interest in repairing the 2003 Super V8 I own has increased as it can from time to time become a bit expensive.

I bought the car for around £32K in 2007 from the then local dealership with 36K miles. It has since covered 112K in my ownership with a repair cost of £21K. I used it instead of a company car so repair costs was not an issue but still a tad high.

The Big Ticket items has been:

  • Brakes at 7.5K which was not solved until the front hubs were replaced
  • Gearbox at 3K
  • Vacuum Leak at 2.5K with parts only thereafter about 4K in the end (caused by faulty connection which cost £7) and the main dealer going down the wrong track using SDD)
  • Suspension at 2K and increasing
  • Radar at 1.5K
When it comes out of the repair garage were it has been since early Feb 2019, I will upgrade the Phone to Bluetooth and the Radio to DAB+ and use it for a short while before trying to sell it.

On a side note, I stopped trusting the then local dealership when my near side front and off side rear passenger door locks stopped working at the same time with the suggested fault being the door locks. Applying 12V to the cable pins opened the doors and I replaced the REM which saved me from having the door panels ruined.

Nowadays, I check the fault with SDD before allowing the garage to touch the car...

Best regards Robert


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Re: 2003 Super V8

Postby mike020150 » Fri May 03, 2019 11:49 am

Interesting experiences! They underline how important it is to identify a good dealer to carry out any work required f you are not tackling it yourself. Mike.
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