Dutchy looking for a x350

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Dutchy looking for a x350

Postby lli » Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:27 pm

Hello all,

Whilst surfing some Dutch car sites (autoscout, gaspedaal) I noticed that some x300 cars on offer were priced within my budget (3-5K euro). My first thought was: Great! My second thought was: there must be something wrong. So I visited a Dutch Jaguar forum. And all reactions there seemed to agree with my second thought. For that price, something must be wrong. Not maintained, Nikasil, rubbers, etc.
But then I went to look at UK car sites: autotrader, trovit, the classifieds here and even ebay. To my surprise even some x350 cars are within range, if you do not mind the higher mileage 100K miles+ (and as a Volvo owner so-far: I don't). And this time, some of the cars are even advertised with: only two previous owners/holders / full service history. E.g. this one .
So following the same routine as I did on a Dutch Jaguar Forum, I came to this forum. My first impressions are that these prices (2-4K GBP) for 2003 models (3.0 or 3.6) are not frowned upon. I even found one for sale on this site in this range: This one .

Now my first question: is this price range (2-4K) for a x350 a recipe for disaster, or maybe possible if you avoid certain pitfalls (And I would love to know what they are), or very well possible as long as you check if indeed is has full service history from either a dealer or a specialist.

My second question is: If I would fly over for a test drive. Is it common practice to take it to a dealer or specialist to have it checked? In the Netherlands most dealerships offer to do this, complete with a print-out of the history.

Many thanks for your help and my apologies for spelling grammar and other mistakes.


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