At last...!

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At last...!

Postby alanr » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:17 am

Hi All,

At last I've taken on an XJR after many years of thinking too much instead of just doing it!

It's a 2006 car with an incredibly low mileage of a shade over 29,000. It's absolutely spotless and that's most probably because it's a Japanese import.

There's now a couple of things I want to do and on which i would welcome advice...

1. Given that the Japanese do not use Waxoyl or salt I need to get it rustproofed. I am aware of Krown UK who get a good press, but would love to know about the treatments members have used on their cars

2. I am going to replace the rear boot skin with a UK spec one, frankly to get rid of the Japanese format number plate. I think I can get one from SNG Barratt, but again any advice on source would be very helpful.

And yes, I am going to get rid of the wind deflectors around all four windows. They spoil the line of the car for me. Assuming they come off cleanly, if anyone wants them...

P.S:- It now runs under the registration - 777 NXJ rather the the original BC06OFY you see in the pictures
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Re: At last...!

Postby BrianG » Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:33 am

Nice Car! I am a bit puzzled by your need to get it Waxoyled as these cars are aluminium bodied. The only parts that could do with some rustproofing are the various steel suspension parts such as the subframes. Waxoyl is normally intended for injecting into cavities and is probably not suitable for these sort of areas; the Krown site is not particularly clear as to what their process actually is, so may be similar to Waxoyl. There are various rustproofing underseal/underbody paints which contain Waxoyl that could be usefully applied to these steel parts. I really should get around to doing mine!
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