Man maths decreed a Jaguar must be purchased.

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Man maths decreed a Jaguar must be purchased.

Postby Fussball » Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:17 am

Hello there,

So I've picked up my first Jaguar.

Short story (still kinda long) is that I've been searching for a replacement for the family wagon for a little while now, which was a multipla. It's about as ugly as a car could possibly be but as an engineering exercise for its intended purpose absolutely faultless. Seriously, this should be the only family car on the road!

As my needs changed (the kid's mum passed her test and got a car for kids/dog duties) I was looking for something a bit more interesting, it had to be petrol, fun to drive, brisk, manual (heal/toeing in a multipla is indeed possible) , look good, an estate, and be a nice place to be when driving (read: sitting in traffic).

So having narrowed it down to an Alfa 159 sportwagon, a Saab 93 estate, a Skoda VRS, and a brief look at a Phaeton I bought an auto, non estate 04 XJR (with a fair amount of research). Which obviously makes perfect sense (heroic man-maths may have been involved).

I've had it about 2 weeks, and what a place it is to be!

I'll sort some photos when I get it cleaned and polished/waxed but it's silver with black interior, a grey/green birdseye (maple?) trim. Everything inside works, amusingly it still has the car phone, and has the central sat nav (with software from 2009, I use my phone as a sat nav). Heated front seats, electric everything, no sunroof.

Things to do:

Gearbox oil change (a lot seems to have been done including the valley pipe). Its on 113k.
Respray the body colour grill as there's a patch of clear coat missing.
There are a few general scratches which also need sorting.
Some fogging on the light lenses.
Second key made, prices are crazy but it seems only Jag main dealers are capable of getting all the functions working?
Put lots of fuel in, I don't do many miles, and its had a round of injector cleaner through.
Wheels could do with a refurb. But I'm toying with the idea of going down to 18inch and going up in tyre wall to protect against the bloody awful roads and kirbs (I have to park up on the kirb fairly regularly).


Is there a garage recommendation for the Kidderminster, Worcestershire, West Midlands area?
Has anyone had a second key made, full function, that wasn't jag main dealer?


Yes, three child seats do go across the rear in a pinch (mine are 43cm wide, new 41cm seats are on the way for more room).

Kind regards


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