Plastic Sheet inside Door

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Plastic Sheet inside Door

Postby oldtimer » Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:18 pm

Hi Keith and All,
I read your recent article in the JEC Mag. What a mammouth job that appeared to be.I would love to have seen it in it's stripped down state! I have to say the finished job looked pretty dam good to me.
You also asked for contribution from XJ owners. Now before I start let me mention that I was brought up more familiar with a hammer and chiesel and a tablet of stone !! So here goes.

I have a 1973 XJ12L Auto on Strombergs,turquoise in colour. I have only owned it for about thirty five years so I am just finding my way around it.
I treated myself to a nice new S Type a while back, so the XJ rested on the four post lift and the Stype has had all the attention and lived beneath the XJ.

The tables have been reversed and the XJ has been getting a lot of overdue attention. I will focus on one small item today. The door windows and locks failed to operate through simple neglect. I removed the rear near side door panel and associated bits to gain access to the window lift motor and ironmongery. Although there is an access hole in the door with the profile of the window lift motor assembly it could not be extracted through that same hole before I eased certain areas with a rotory devise. I have had the cover off the motor, examined the armature brushes etc and reassembled, absolutely perfect like brand new as are the galvanised lift arms. Bench tested and ready to be replaced. Now we come to the interesting bit,there is a plastic sheet attached to the top edge of the door which hangs down between the lift motor,door lock etc and the inner face of the door, By virtue of the position of this plastic I'm convinced the door had the glass, motor, locks fitted and then the outer door skin fitted. And that is the reason for not being able to extract the motor out of the hole provided. What do you say to that Keith?
Rather than attempt to replace new plastic from where it came from, I am inclined to attach it to the inner face of the door.
I will be pleased to hear your comments
Regards Oldtimer

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Re: Plastic Sheet inside Door

Postby XjRestorations » Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:11 am

Hi Oldtimer,

Thank you for the comments on the Series 1 - we deal with a lot of these cars in the workshop, with a lot of full restorations taking place now as the cars gain in status.
The doors were built up once they were painted shells. The plastic sheeting dropped in firts, with the motors etc being built up from behind - very patiant production staff!!
I would have no concerns with removing this sheeting and placing it between the door shell and the door card. It will help preserve the door cards.

Kind regards,

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Re: Plastic Sheet inside Door

Postby oldtimer » Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:18 pm

Hi Keith and All,
Your comments in regard to the plastic sheet positioning are noted , thanks

I should mention that my XJ is an early Series 2 with a body no of 2R1088.
You will know, the carpets in the rear passenger footwell are secured in place by push in studs. These studs pass through the carpet into a dome resembling a mini mole hill. I was surprised to find four of these per side. As these are four inches apart in the fore/aft plane it indicated that two floor pans were welded together to make the long wheelbase model.I discovered that years ago. For the first time I have recently removed the door cards only to discover that the door is constructed from two doors. As a result there are two door jams running vertically with the hinge mounting points on both. These are four inches apart. I know that Jaguar have never liked waste,hence the reason for the doubling up or else it is the best cut and shut job I have ever seen.
Keith, have you ever come across this?

Whilst on the subject of doors I have to say that the inside of them are in really really good condition Unbelieveably no corrosion- the car has had a very cossetted life though. What did surprise me was the size and weight of the side impact bars , I think they are made from Arnco off the side of the Motorway.
Thats all for the moment

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