Series 1 Head Rest - Removal for new Foams

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Series 1 Head Rest - Removal for new Foams

Postby jagmanuk » Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:13 pm

Does anyone know how to remove the complete head rest from the seat?
The foam inserts have disintegrated and turned to dust. I have tried removing the head rest by 'jerking' it upwards but it seems to come to a solid metalic sounding stop. I cannot see anywhere to insert a blade to depress a lever (like on the Series 2). I have removed the Foam dust by unscrewing the plastic cover on the base of the head rest which revealed staples fastening the leather cover. I have replaced the Foam insert into the leather cover but it looks like it will be easier to reattach it to the the metal/wood support if it is off the seat. To compress the foam and pull in the leather far enough to put new staples in looks like you would need at least 3 hands!! And I have a wedding coming up in 5 weeks - 'HELP' Thanks in anticipation Mike

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