air-conditioning retro fit -series II

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air-conditioning retro fit -series II

Postby HJMiller » Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:02 pm

Has anyone and information on retro fitting air-conditioning to a series II saloon?

Originality is not necessarily an issue, but how practical/cost effective/possible is it?




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Re: air-conditioning retro fit -series II

Postby mike020150 » Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:19 am

My series 2 was specced with aircon from new. With the old R12 gas (now illegal), it worked well but over the years, I've had to replace the compressor several times. Converting it to R134a along with yet another new (original style) compressor destroyed its efficiency (nothing like as cold as it used to be) and I wish I'd considered updating the aircon components and gone for one of the kits available. FWIW I notice there's an ad in this month's magazine (page 73) for one of these kits. Mike.
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Re: air-conditioning retro fit -series II

Postby RichardSEL » Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:07 am

Given the recent summer and predictions for a similar autumn thought I'd post my aircon notes
(to tempt fate :roll: )

Air Con Notes
Previous systems up to Oct '00MY used R12 or Freon as a refrigerant.
Later systems used R134a.
Previous systems' lubricant oil is NOT compatible with R134a systems that use PAG oil.
Hoses need to be changed for "Barrier style". "O" rings too as R134a is more leakable than R12
R134a is nore inefficient a coolant so an uprated condenser of the "manifold" or "parallel flow" type is needed
A better alternative to R134a is R406 that doesn't need the lubricant to be evacuated. But does still need the hoses and "O" rings changed out

Kits: two known brand names are Diavia or Eberspacher

If installing a second-hand system, get a new "dryer".

More detail on above at:

General repair notes for NA system XJ6 ... ?content=1

More detailed system thread: ... 527/page2/ ... de-126362/

JagForums "compressor" threads

A "Directory" of firms:

A Kit of Sorts:
This one requires addition of compressor and condensing radiator with fan.
They offer two styles of each. Their catalogue is p253 - 255 ... ferrerUrl=

Useful firm in Ebbsfleet (emailed 10/VII'17) is:
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