99% of the way to the 200,000 mile service

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99% of the way to the 200,000 mile service

Postby iRS » Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:05 am

I'm starting to plan the 200,000 mile service and would appreciate some thoughts on what to include beyond the normal things.

My thoughts at the moment are to do the following:

Normal oil change and filters
Spark plugs
Brake fluid

There must be more!

Maintenance items that have been taken care of in the last 12 months or so are:

Full supercharger service - oil change and greased bearings
Valley pipe and return pipe changeout + some other hoses
New drive belts
Gearbox oil change
Diff oil change
I think I renewed the coolant when the valley pipe was done, but can't quite remember.

By the way, the car runs on LPG. Does anyone have an opinion on fitting different spark plugs when running on LPG?
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Re: 99% of the way to the 200,000 mile service

Postby J44EAG » Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:19 am

You have the items pretty well covered, Roger. Not much more to add other than to perhaps ensure the radiator pack components are not eaten out, buckled, expanded or generally falling to bits.

Spark plugs. Best advice from one of the gas conversion specialists such as Keith Mugglestone would probably be the way to go.

All sounds very promising.

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