Engine Mountings XJ 358 2.7TDVi

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Engine Mountings XJ 358 2.7TDVi

Postby Azure123 » Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:42 pm

Sometimes I wonder why car designers introduce an idea only to abandon it well after the technology turns out to be of no real advantage.
Both engine mountings on my car have been found to be leaking their fluid during it's annual service. Prone apparently to the slight risk of fire if leaking these advanced auto electrical adjustable mountings have now been replaced by jaguar for a more conventional rubber arrangement. When you think of the ecu that would be required to control these minor adjustments of movement during driving, the extra wiring and whatever else it takes to smooth out any engine vibration or imbalance you would want to know why Jaguar bothered in the first place. These parts are no longer serviced by Jaguar. Too much technology for the sake of it is not always a great idea. £400 (dealer quote) to replace both of them with a standard none electric version seems an outrageous price to me.
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