Fault code list. Modern Jaguars. Useful link.

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Fault code list. Modern Jaguars. Useful link.

Postby J44EAG » Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:12 pm


here is a useful link in regard to fault codes and general pointers towards components which may generate those codes.
https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j ... u90RW6nYOA

Whilst on the subject of fault codes, the subject of code readers would seem to be appropriate. Almost all Jaguar owners will at some point be faced with restricted performance, an engine check light or MIL light illumination. Many will perhaps hack off to their nearest Jaguar repair facility and pay royally for having the issue investigated. Some garages may charge up to £80 for a diagnosis before they even get around to the costs of labour and parts costings. There are other ways around the diagnosis issue though.

I have two relatively cheaply priced diagnostic pieces of kit available. The first is the Torque Pro app on my Android phone and an ebay sourced ELM327 bluetooth chip which plugs into the car OBD socket. The chip comes for around £7 and the app for about £5.

My second unit is the iCarsoft 930i diagnostic kit which cost around £90 from UK Diagnostics. This unit is a dedicated Jaguar/Land Rover hand held unit which again plugs into the OBD socket. It provides the facilities of a code reader and clearance unit as well as being able to data log vehicle services in real time. It is a nice piece of kit, is easy to use and is most useful in clearing persistent code generation prior to undertaking repairs. It is particularly useful in that once purchased, you can do your own diagnosis and avoid expensive payments to a garage for doing the same action as you can perform with your own personal piece of equipment. Mine lives in the glove compartment ready for use if the car develops a fault when out on the road.
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Much additional information on specific code faults is available on the internet. Simply typing a fault code such as PO171 into your browser can frequently lead you directly to help and advice on the nature of that generated fault code. Note that there might be several different reasons why that code has appeared with several components being able to kick up that code. After that, one may have to work in several directions before finding out what the cause of the code was. That is when the fun starts!

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