Terraclean process on 4.2 XJR.

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Re: Terraclean process on 4.2 XJR.

Postby J44EAG » Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:14 pm

One thousand miles after dropping out that post Terraclean oil, I can now report that the new oil is in almost the same condition as it was when I poured it freshly from the can. Just a tiny fraction browner than when it was installed.

The methanol/water injection system installed soon after the car was Terracleaned, will no doubt have had quite an effect in continuing the meritorious effects of the process. On or off the meth/water system, this car is certainly dramatically improved.Response is instant with no flat spotting and the V8 runs like a sewing machine. Only when the car suddenly improves do you immediately notice how good it has become. I`d say the process has exceeded my expectations by a considerable margin.

I need to find some time to whip out a spark plug or two and get my endoscope into the cylinders. Hopefully I will be able to get a couple of images of the top of the piston crowns.

An area I would like to examine is the inlets into the inter-cooler bricks. I had to leave those areas untouched when I had the charger off for porting, polishing and general servicing. The insides of the bricks were covered in crank case breather residue and there was little I could do at the time to clean out the mess. I could lift the charger cowhorn pressure manifold next time I have the intake pipe off. I would then confidently expect to see the insides of those charger bricks being back to bare, clean aluminium finish. That would be directly attributable to the meth/water injection steam cleaning effect.

So there is still a little more to come with this Terraclean and water/meth experiment. To date, I`m well pleased.

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Re: Terraclean process on 4.2 XJR.

Postby GordonJ » Wed Apr 05, 2017 8:04 pm

A thousand miles on and all seems well, I'm following this post and enjoy reading all that is been done to this car. I need to get down there and see for myself. Keep up the good word Mike as I am sure, that like me this will be of interest to all X350 owners

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