Question about my Series 3 restoration

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Question about my Series 3 restoration

Postby Vidal » Mon Jun 04, 2018 1:13 pm

Hi all, newbie here from Lancashire......

Wondered if I could pick your brains. I was gifted this beautiful Series 3 XJ6 about 6 years ago by a dear client and friend. It's got a lovely story which I won't bore you with but regrettably it was/is suffering serious rot to the rear arches and other areas.

I've also got a Lotus Esprit and a few bikes so I never got around to doing anything with this car although it drives like new.

I finally decided to have it collected this morning and taken to a reputable restorers. I appreciate that the works could be extensive and these 1980's Jaguars are limited in desirability and value so even though it cost me nothing I'm fully expecting to spend a good few thousand on it.

The initial agreement is for them to fully assess it so that we can agree a basic budget and scope of work.

My question is, taking in to account the sentimental value, at what point (cost) would you consider it too much money regardless of sentimental value?

I'm just interested in opinion rather than advice really as the decision will be very personal.

Anyway, assuming I go ahead, I'll keep you posted.


And for those interested, my 1979 Esprit:

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Re: Question about my Series 3 restoration

Postby davidr » Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:14 pm

Hi Vidal - that looks a nice car and I love the interior!
Depending on how much needs to be done, it's likely that economic good sense will be one of the first casualties? After all, this isn't a Series 1 EType that will sell for £250k!
Having said that, if you like the car and are prepared to invest in it for the long term it may well appreciate enough to be worth what you spent on it.
Maybe take a gradual approach? The car looks OK (as far as can be seen from photos) so is it a reasonable approach to start with getting it in good running order and an MOT. You can then spend some time with it and work out how you feel about going any deeper?
I know you weren't looking for advice but there you are! :D
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Re: Question about my Series 3 restoration

Postby poprivet » Tue Jun 05, 2018 1:53 pm

The decision needs to be taken early because as soon as you start spending money it never ends. Either it's a car you want to keep for a long time or to pass on quickly.

I had the intention of keeping my XJS for about a year, I spent so much on it by then I couldn't justify the loss of money in selling it so I kept it another year. That was 20 years ago and I'm still spending money on it.

I did once have a Series III V12 which really was beyond keeping alive, 250,000 miles, on it's 2nd engine and absolutely full of rot. That decision was somewhat easier and it was sold for spares.
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Re: Question about my Series 3 restoration

Postby Vidal » Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:07 pm

Well..... I bailed at the first hurdle.

Resto company spent some time going through the car and made me a comprehensive list up.

Pleased to say that after all these years in storage it still runs and drives beautifully.

Same can't be said for the bodywork. Broadly speaking, the figures he was talking are way above my pain threshold so it's going to have to go.

If anyone's on the lookout for a mechanically sound parts car with a lovely interior and relatively low miles (90k), then give me a shout.

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