Auto gearbox

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Auto gearbox

Postby ivesmb » Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:50 pm

When moving slowly, both forward and in reverse, there is a quiet rumble from the gearbox.

Any explanation?

Otherwise she is wonderful!

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Postby J44EAG » Tue Sep 01, 2009 8:45 pm

Regret to say, my V8 with the 5R55N Ford derived box did this as it failed. Then proceeded to drop into limp home permanent 3rd gear to get me home.

Bristol Transmissions had to rebuild the unit. Half the drive train was in the sump with solenoides and valve pack choked solid with debris. Ditto the oil cooler and torque converter. The oil removed was black with disintigration and weardown debris. And that at only 54k miles!

For the 5 speed unit budget for around £1600 plus. More for the 6 speed ZF and the S-type R Merc sourced units.

Regular professional oil changes help extend transmission life. The oil change is not, repeat not a DIY job. Sophisticated electronic equipment is required to guage oil temperature as the gearbox is refilled. A reasonable service period is suggested as 25k miles or every 2 years. Jaguar say the gearbox is sealed for life. How long is the life?

Consider this. You would not let your engine run for ten years or more in broken down, worn out, black sludgy oil would you? Is it not then a reasonable parody to sugest that the gearbox should also be afforded a similar level of privilage?

Look closely at the service scheduals. There is no recommendation for gearbox oil changing unless the car has been used in extreme conditions. What is an extreme condition? Any answer would be very subjective.

Strangely Jaguar dealers sell gaskets, oil, filters and filter sump units as service kit. Rather odd as they say the unit is sealed for life!!

Do not use ATF or Dextron type oils in these gearboxes. It is totally unsuitable for sure in Ford or ZF units. I have heard it can be used in Merc units but this should be verified.

Browse other postings within this S-type Forum for more gearbox related topics. You might see a common thread forming!

Also browse the X308 and XK8 sites for a further insite into Ford, ZF and Merc units used across the range of cars. Gearboxes are similar in these models. Not suprisingly, most common gearbox maladies are a shared concern.

Gear boxes can achieve repectable mileages if well serviced and cared for. Neglect the oil changes and problems will lay ahead.

Mike Kennedy. JEC S-type Forum Co-ordinator.

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Postby joejag308 » Wed Sep 02, 2009 7:52 am

In the 2008 Feb and March issues of the JEC magazine a detailed article on the servicing and oil changing proceedures are in detail ....for the normally aspirated boxes and the supercharged versions.....the "sealed for life " units are covered as well as the Mercedes boxes.....Joe

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Postby peterdpps » Mon Nov 16, 2009 1:31 pm

I have read a lot on the subject of 'sealed for life' gearbox units in the S type and would be greatful for info as follows.

Any reputable company in the Birmingham area familiar with the process of changing the oil in the six speed unit.

Confirmation of the correct grade of oil to be used.

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Postby J44EAG » Mon Nov 16, 2009 5:03 pm


I suggest a Goggle session for gearbox reairers in the Birmingham area, then a phone around to find out if they have the correct interogation equipment such as an Autologic unit. This is essential to ascertain the correct oil temperature and volume when the gearbox is refilled.

I believe the only oil that should be used is an Esso product which may be obtained from a jaguar dealer. It is not cheap. Do not let anyone refill with ATF or Dextron type oils. They are not suitable in any way.

Hope this helps.

Mike Kennedy. JEC S-type Co-ordinator

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