Knock from rear nearside of 2.0 X type.

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Knock from rear nearside of 2.0 X type.

Postby ricky158 » Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:51 am

A knock has developed, seemingly from the rear nearside, on my 2.0 litre X type of 2003 vintage. This has now been with me for a couple of weeks but due to a busy diary, I have only just got the car to the garage that does all my servicing. They road tested the car and agreed the noise. It was put on their lift and a thorough examination made, including the exhaust. Nothing could be found other than 'slightly soft' bushes on the shock absorber. It was suggested that I run the car for a further week to see if the problem worsened. has anyone had a similar problem? Suggestions would be most welcome.:cry:

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