C1095 Problem

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C1095 Problem

Postby PeterDavisX300 » Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:02 pm

After a long time of occasional showing of the ABS warning light, finally a couple of months ago it started to remain on once the car had got up to speed and the unit failed the rolling test. Initially the light would come on if the car had been sitting for a couple of days, but the light would then go-out the next use. When it first started happening, as others have suggested, (and it did work now and again) I would use a hefty foot on the brake pedal a few times, and sure enough next time out the light was off.

I had already had some experience of this C1095 problem on a large Ford I owned of the same era as the Jaguar. The cure is to repair the ecu, so this is what I've done.

It helps that I now have a i930 code-reader. Took the car out for a quick spin and sure enough up it comes with the C1095, saying something like, "Failure to connect to pump-unit".

So I have a spare ecu, that I previously bought for £20. When I bought the unit I still had my big Ford, and the Ford gives more info on the dash when a unit fails. So I slave connected the second-hand spare unit to the Ford, and behold this unit has the 1095 problem, so I drill a hole in the back of the unit and 're-solder' the main pins. Re-connect the unit, take it out in the Ford and no-codes, so I know it's now good for a spare.

The picture shows me connecting-up the spare unit I repaired, to the Jaguar. (note the piece of plastic stuck to the unit where I drilled the hole to gain access to repair) And of course the ABS will not function mechanically, but with the spare 'slaved-in' I can take the car out for a spin and YESSSSS, the light stays out! So I know when I do the job of disconnecting the brake-lines from the pump, and then the ECU from the pump, and replacing with my spare unit, it'll all work and the light will stay off. I'll then repair the one that's connected just now, and it will become my new spare.

The reason the 'hard use of the pedal helps, is because it's making the ECU inside flex slightly (with the pump acting on the tiny valves in the ECU) this will mostly make the brittle solder-joint make a better connection again. It really is only a temporary fix that will always come back to haunt.

Hope the info helps.

1995 X300

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