S-Type needs new tyres.

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S-Type needs new tyres.

Postby Walter » Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:30 pm

Tyres for an S Type. Original spec was SP185x15. Looking at what is available from the few suppliers around makes me want to consider 205x70x15 as an easy to obtain and cheaper alternative, at a much better price, and presumably from newer stock.
Apparently the rolling diameter is almost identical and the fitted width should be similar!!!
Question is has anyone tried this and do the 205 tyres still leave clearance i.e. do not foul the bodywork?
Newly retired and now keen to get the old girl running again after 20 years in the garage.
looking forwards to your responses.

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Re: S-Type needs new tyres.

Postby Brakebuster » Tue Nov 12, 2013 3:06 pm

try the ' classic tyre store ' in the UK


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Re: S-Type needs new tyres.

Postby oldtimer » Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:34 pm

Hi Walter,
I replaced the original (Rear Only) tyres and rims with XJ steel rims and 205x70x15 tyres. They fitted a treat with no sign of body contact regardless of load.

They were a bit difficult to fit. The portion of tyre closest to the ground had to be pushed well under the hub so that the top of the tyre could be fed between the wing and hub. Then brought to the vertical and lifted onto the hub. It is the partly enclosed wheel arch that causes the problem

I would have used a trolley jack under the rear suspension to get the height. Should you go this route consideration should be given to establishing if the wheel can be changed using a side jack in case you ever get a puncture away from home.

I never attempted to alter the front wheel/tyre arrangement but if my memory serves me correctly I believe it would be to tight to take the larger tyre

Hope that helps a little


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Re: S-Type needs new tyres.

Postby Martec » Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:08 pm

When rebuilding my MkII I got an XJ6 wheel and tyre to try, as 'Oldtimer' says it fitted the back a treat, but was hopeless on the front (205), hitting the wind top edge event when it was pushed up as normal and I couldn't get full lock due to fouling on the inner edge (can't remember what it was hitting).

A few years ago I needed new tyre as they were 7 years old and we were going to France, so after offers of £250 a tyre I came across a set of 4 for £220 fitted and balanced, the question was what rubbish is this? Hankook, fitted to new mondeo's and transit vans.

Being cheap I had them fitted then thrashed them, They have been excellent and I will be looking for another set soon (185 15).

Best of luck with your re-commissioning.

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Re: S-Type needs new tyres.

Postby Walter » Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:28 pm

Hi Guys,
Thank you all for such prompt responses. I have been pondering this issue for quite a while now since my local supplier just said "no longer available". It is obvious I can get the real thing. I checked out the site recommended by BB (Thanks BB). I think I would have opted for 205s all round, but just on the rear? and with such a variety of XJ rims available would not know where to start. But thanks very much for the feedback Brian I still may go in that direction.
Last week my well trusted MOT garage suggested transit tyres which I immediately rejected "what run a Jag on 8 ply tranny tyres"!!! But when you think about it you see trannies belting up the motorway at 90 every day of the week.
My immediate requirement is to wheel the car in and out of the garage so I can re commission various parts so I think I will invest a couple of hundred quid and hopefully once back on the road and in use again, can re consider. However Brian's willingness to buy a second set is very reassuring. Now to try find a rear window!
Thank you all once again.

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