Posting Etiquette

We ask all members to observe the following BB Etiquette:

  • Have respect for the other BB users, their privacy and right to express their own opinions. Confine personal chit-chat to Private Messages; to keep the threads free of 'noise'.
  • If you disagree with another's opinion, do the other BB users need to know or are you merely seeking self-aggrandisement?
  • Don't hijack a thread - Keep to the topic. If you wish to move the discussion to another topic, start a new thread.
  • Don't dominate a thread unless you are contributing to the topic. It is rude, and stifles comment from other, possibly less experienced, users.
  • Do not respond to antagonistic posts or personal attacks, instead report bad manners to the moderator.
  • Humour is to be welcomed - gentle chiding is acceptable but personal abuse is not funny and will not be tolerated.
  • If you have comments or suggestions about the BB itself, be specific and don't 'report' BB faults on the BB in question, instead contact us directly.
  • Poor spelling and grammar, can make it difficult to comprehend the point you are making. So, please check your post in preview mode.
  • The administrators of the Bulletin Board, reserve the right to remove, edit,
    move or close any topic or post, at any time, if it does not follow the above.