Club Warranty Scheme

We have learnt a lot about warranties over the last few years and know that the most popular category for our members is for cars up to 10 years old. 

Unhappy with aspects of our previous scheme we have researched the market carefully and are now delighted to announce a partnership with Warrantywise, the UK’s best used car warranty provider.  They have won many awards for the quality of their products and service. With this partnership, Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Members can get 20% off of normal rates!

Some of the key benefits of the scheme over other schemes are:

  • All Vehicle makes and models included.
  • Higher levels of cover with more parts included. All mechanical, all electrical, all electronic parts available. They even include parts which often go wrong such as vanos unit, clutch cover, drive plate, release bearing, brake discs and brake drums.
  • Warrantywise pay for Parts Replaced in Pairs when only one Part has failed. Includes shock absorbers, suspension springs, brake discs and drums. No contribution towards Parts Replaced in Pairs when only one Part has failed.
  • Consequential damage always covered. They don’t exclude this they simply cover all parts. Repairs can be logged from day one.
  • Plan Repair limit is set to value of Vehicle at time of booking. If your Vehicle value depreciates, their plan Repair limit will remain at the higher value regardless of how long your plan has run.
  • No charge for betterment. Should you require a new engine or gearbox, YOU GET a new engine or gearbox and you won’t be asked to contribute towards the cost of repair.
  • No forced plan excess. They allow you a voluntary excess and then will reduce your price significantly.
  • Repairs at any VAT registered garage of your choice including local garage or main dealers.
  • Emergency Repairs procedure when Warrantywise Repairs office is closed or if you are out of contact.
  • Wide range of optional plan additions available such as: ABS, air conditioning, emissions, choice of garage labour rates, MOT failure and multimedia.
  • Comprehensive Repairs review and complaints procedure. Resolution within 3 days. Quentin Wilson to act as final arbiter for a complaint.

The scheme is not restricted to Jaguars, members can cover any car up to 10 years old in your family. Simply call 0800 001 4487 or go online to Don’t forget to quote your special code: JECWW16.